Who are we?

Small Step Matters is a social fundraising platform of organisations (NGOs / Foundations) and individuals who wish to promote social and environmental projects in Mauritius or for Mauritians. Small Step Matters is a non-profit organisation whose primary purpose is to bring together project promoters and benefactors who wish to donate funds or time and to hereby contribute to the progress of the Mauritian society today and tomorrow.

The values that guide us

Small Step Matters is a philanthropic initiative. We have no intention of drawing benefits from this platform, nor from any of its related financial operations.Read more »

Our Commitments

Small Step Matters has mandated a Committee to validating the projects that may be published on the platform, and to undertake a minimum of follow-up with the project promoters and donors.Read more »

Our Projects Selection Criteria

Small Step Matters reserves the right to validate the posting of a project or its withdrawal from the Site for the duration of the fundraising campaign upon receiving the formal acceptance of our Terms of Use from the project promoterRead more »

Recent Projects

Our platform is socially responsible, which is why we have chosen to reallocate all funds received to projects promoted on our platform in all cases, excepted for its operational costs. The below amounts of the fundraising campaigns include 10% of operational costs.