SMS Donations

Thanks to mobile operators, Small Step Matters (« SSM ») may receive donations by SMS in favour of projects promoted on our interactive platform.

Donate by SMS, it’s quick and easy!

All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the field of intervention for your donation from the following list:
Field of intervention Keyword
Environment ENV
Poverty Alleviation POV
Health HEA
Education EDU
Sports SPO
Arts & Culture ART
Project of the Week DON


      2. Send the corresponding Keyword for the field of intervention you have chosen by SMS to

8942*. Ex: If you wish to send your donation for Health, send HEA to 8942* by SMS.

    3. You will receive a “Thank you” message that confirms your donation has been well received.

Congratulations, you have made a donation !

*You will be charged Rs 12 + VAT for each SMS sent to 8942 and allocated as follows :

      • Rs 11.40 as donation to the field of intervention that you have identified ;
      • Rs 0.60 to operational costs of the mobile operator concerned (5%).

You may send as many SMS as you wish for the donation with the corresponding Keyword to one specific field of intervention or different fields of intervention as per your choice.

Mobile operators shall disburse the donations received by SMS to Small Step Matters and Small Step Matters shall re-allocate them to the projects promoted on our interactive platform that are involved in the fields of intervention that you have chosen to support.

Thank You, every Small Step Matters!


      1. For easy access, add the 4-digit code as a contact on your mobile phone :
        • Contact name: type « Don SSM »
        • Phone number : type the 4-digit code « 8942 »
      2. Save this new contact ;
      3. Start sending your donations by SMS to new contact « Don SSM »

Our partners

      • Emtel Ltd
      • Chili (MTML)