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The Empowerment of 15 youth of Residence Malherbes Curepipe and vicinities through sports activities.

Funds Raised: MUR 71,200
Required Funds: MUR 70,150

Indicative Exchange Rates:
1 USD = 44 MUR
1 EUR = 48 MUR
1 GBP = 57 MUR

* Last updated on 10 March 2022

ASM was founded in 2017 for the promotion of sports with the aim to create a culture where the well-being of children, youngsters and adults are universally understood and valued and where we make them grow in a multi- cultural environment, along with that the club acts as a catalyst for the proper flourishing of the potential of the players and building up their confidence, self-esteem and internal desire to learn.

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AS Malherbes is a Social Club and a Non-profit Organization, our vision is to empower the youth through Futsal and developing the players of tomorrow not only into good player but more so good human being, we want to give the youth the opportunity to become Elite player. Currently, 50 youngsters are benefits of our program both boys and girls. So far, AS Malherbes men Futsal Team was Champion of Mauritius Futsal Big 10 League 2018/2019, and AS Malherbes Women Futsal Team was Champion of Mauritius Women Futsal cup 2018 /2019.
We have also been invited to Spain for a tournament next year !

This fundraising will be use to buy:
15 futsal shoes x Rs 2600.00 = Rs 39,000.00 15 Sport bags x Rs 600.00 = Rs 9,000.00
15 Polo shirt x Rs 350.00 = Rs 5,250.00
15 Track suit x Rs 700.00= Rs 10,500.00 Grand Total = RS 63,750.00

potential beneficiaries

15 Men

funded by others


other funders


main objective

> To use Futsal as a medium to change the attitudes of vulnerable youth towards life and make them believe in their own capacity/ability and grow
> To give the youth the chance to play Futsal and afford them healthy activity
> To prevent youth from roaming on the streets and keep them away from drugs and social issue.