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Help BAM keep youth away from prison through music

Funds Raised: MUR 5,050
Required Funds: MUR 70,000

Indicative Exchange Rates:
1 USD = 44 MUR
1 EUR = 48 MUR
1 GBP = 57 MUR

* Last updated on 10 March 2022

This project consist of helping Bam to release his first album « Separation Fami ». The aim of his album is to give hope to young adults, and to convince them that there’s life outside of prison and that it is possible to get out of this situation.

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Bam  ( Artist name « Mighty Father » ) started singing and playing guitar at the age of 15. His passion unfortunately didn’t prevent him to make mistakes in life and he ended up in prison since young adulthood.

Throughout his incarceration, Bam lost everything. His parents passed away, his wife and children left him, he also lost his reputation and friends; The only thing that kept him strong was Music.

Bam’s songs were based on both his own life experiences and observations of others’ stories. Whenever there were event like Music day, New Year, concerts and rehearsals in prison, Bam would perform to bring heartfelt joy to everyone. The detainees felt that they could relate to his songs, and be understood, therefore even if they were not in a happy place, his fellow inmates and some prison administration officer were so touched that they encourage him to do a good deed by publishing an album.

Seeing so many young people getting into prison, Bam felt the urge to help them through his music even to reach out to the youth at risk, so that they may live a better life than his. Bam is not looking for fame; at this age he only wants to spread his messages and give support and advice to the world.

Bam does not have a stable job due to his Certificate of Character having antecedents. Moreover covid-19 made it even harder to secure employment. However, he did not give up on his ambitions as music has always been there for him, even when he felt most alone. He writes, composes and performs his own songs by himself and is looking forward to release his very first album  » Separation Fami’

« Life after prison is not easy. I have resorted to not return to prison again and has chosen to live honestly »

Listen to his song here :



potential beneficiaries

Marday Armoogum (BAM) & Youth in prison

funded by others


main objective

Sensitise young adults (which make up the most of prison population nowadays) about the realities of prison life to prevent incarceration,  for a bette life.