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Success Story-Elven,undergoing treatment at CHU-Reunion Island

Funds Raised: MUR 14,900
Required Funds: MUR 14,900

Indicative Exchange Rates:
1 USD = 40 MUR
1 EUR = 47 MUR
1 GBP = 52 MUR

Help Elven (suffering from the rare disease « Syndrome néphrotique idiopathique ») obtain and complete the surgery to a fix a prosthesis for his leg.

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Fighting for his child of 5 years old suffering from a rare disease

Mr Sachindev Mauthoor , wishes to make a request for a financial assistance in favour of his son Elven Elvissen Mauthoor aged 5 years old, who is physically disabled. Since age of 3, the child suffers from a rare disease called ‘Syndrome néphrotique idiopathique’, which caused an amputation of his right knee. Moreover, Dr Leroy, his actual treating doctor from ‘Centre Hospitalier Universitaire’ of Reunion Island,follows him on a regular basis.

Costly overseas trips for the follow-up of his treatment

The actual problem is that the parents need to go abroad 3 times a year for treatment purposes, including a visit for doing the prosthesis, which are costly.

  • According to Dr. Steciuk, the operation cannot be done in Mauritius and needs to be taken in charge urgently in Reunion Island.
  • According to Global Rainbow Foundation, Elven is not deemed fit for the Jaipur foot prosthesis.

A budget too costly for the family
The surgery for the prosthesis including air-ticket are estimated around more than Rs 85,000 as they do not have the required means to pay for the treatment fees, their only hope is to seek for financial help.

The total cost of the prosthesis only in Reunion Island is of 6,441. 60 euros (approximately Rs 255,760 as per below conversion grid).

Estimated costs of prosthesis

6,441.60 EUR = 255,759.58 MUR
Euro Mauritian Rupee
1 EUR = 39.7044 MUR 1 MUR = 0.0251862 EUR



Estimated Budget MUR
Overseas trip & surgery 85 000
Prosthesis 255 760
Total 340 760


The operation is also crucial to give some sunshine for the severely disabled child.

In attachment all the documents.

potential beneficiaries

1 child of 5 years old

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main objective

Help Elven (suffering from the rare disease "Syndrome néphrotique idiopathique") obtain and complete the surgery to a fix a prosthesis for his leg.