Our Projects Selection Criteria

Small Step Matters reserves the right to validate the posting of a project or its withdrawal from the Site for the duration of the fundraising campaign upon receiving the formal acceptance of our Terms of Use from the project promoter.

In doing so, the main criteria that shall guide our Committee to will be as follows:

  1. A project that would be located in the Republic of Mauritius or that would benefit the residents or citizens of the Republic of Mauritius.
  2. A project whose fundraising would not exceed the sum of Rs 500,000 and that would not be funded in Mauritian rupees through our interactive platform (except in cases of « cas de force majeure » or of national interest, where the sum may exceed Rs 500,000)
  3. A project whose project promoter would be deemed fit and / or able to assume responsibility for it promotion, such as a adult (over the age of legal majority).
  4. A project that would act and bring progress in the following fields: environment, poverty alleviation, health, education, sports, arts and culture. However, should the project promoter be in a position to demonstrate that its project would allow social or societal progress in an area of intervention other than those here above stated, its project might then be considered by the Committee

The Committee, under no circumstances, shall approve a project should the latter intervenes in any of the following areas:

  1. Any contribution to religious activities;
  2. Any contribution to activities discriminating ethnicity, origin and / or political opinion, color or faith;
  3. Any contribution to trade unions;
  4. Any sponsorship for marketing purposes;
  5. Any contribution to political parties;
  6. Any contribution or benefit in favor of shareholders and / or executive staff and / or members of their families;
  7. Any contribution to activities that may constitute a risk against public security and national interest;
  8. Any contribution to unethical, illegal or immoral activities.

Additionally, we would also like to draw your attention to the fact that if the proposed fundraising campaign may foresee a beneficial impact in the medium / long-term, it should fall within a fixed period, with final closing after a maximum of 150 days in total (an initial campaign of up to 90 days, possibly followed by a maximum of 60 additional days if the funding pot is not reached). A project promoter may submit other applications for fundraising campaigns to the Committee but:

  • Each project will be subject to a new validation by the Committee; and
  • Each fundraising campaign successfully posted on the Platform will be treated and processed as a new fundraising campaign.

For example:

As project promoter, you may propose a budget that would allow you to rent housing for X months, depending on the rental price identified. After these X months, if you still encounter housing difficulties, you may apply on Small Step Matters for a new fundraising campaign, according to the needs you have at this new point in time. Small Step Matters cannot guarantee that this second fundraising campaign will automatically be validated by its Committee, nor that it will be as successful as your first campaign.