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« No one has ever become poor by giving. » – Anne Frank

The first vocation of Small Step Matters is to facilitate donations for the population of Mauritius. Each project on the platform has a « funding pot » to achieve, that is to say a sum of money that it needs to collect in order to complete the project. It is thanks to YOUR generosity that wonderful projects will emerge. Without you, perhaps they will never succeed. Support them! Take the first step!

It is essential to understand that Small Step Matters is a platform based on trust, and so we invite you, first of all, to read our Terms of Use, which must be accepted by all users of the platform, project promoters and donors.

Once you have read and accepted our Terms of Use, here are the steps to follow:

  • Identify the project you want to support;
  • Enter the amount of your donation for the project that has convinced you;
  • Make a secured payment, in strictest confidence;
  • Visit the Site regularly to follow-up on the project you have generously contributed to or to support new projects.

Your donation will be credited to the account of Small Step Matters until the project promoter’s campaign comes to an end. Your donation, after deduction of 5% to cover the operational costs of the platform, will then be credited to the individual or organization you have chosen to support. To that effect, we invite you to read more in our section The Values That Guide Us.

No refund shall be granted. Each donor must therefore take the measure of its donation. It is an act of citizenship above all, thoughtful and philanthropist. To that effect, we invite you to read more in our sections Our Commitments & Our Project Selection Criteria. With each small step we take, we walk together towards a better society.

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