Who is Small Step Matters?

How does it work? Some vocabulary…

In order to use and understand how our platform Small Step Matters works, we invite you discover some useful definitions:

We draw your attention to the fact that these definitions aim at familiarizing you with the main terms used on the platform of Small Step Matters. For a comprehensive and legal definition, you should however consult our Terms of Use.

Project: a social and/or environmental initiative of an individual (possibly representing a group of individuals), association, foundation or NGO aiming at raising funds for a good cause. This initiative must meet specific criteria to feature on the platform of Small Step Matters. To learn more, please read our section on Project Selection Criteria.

Funding Pot: the funds that the project promoter needs to collect to complete its project. The project promoter, taking into account the development of the project as a whole, estimates this amount. Note that a flat rate of 5% shall be added to the project’s target amount to cover the operational costs of our platform. To learn more, please read our sections on The Values that guide us & Our Commitments.

Campaign: a project campaign is the time in which the project promoter tries to raise the funds necessary to reach the required amount of his funding pot. Each campaign has a start and an end date, which is tied to the project’s appearance on the Small Step Matters platform.

Project promoter: an individual, a non-governmental organization (NGO) or a non-profit Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV or Foundation) that wants to help improve our Mauritian society through the implementation of a tangible project with a measured impact. To learn more, please read our section on Launch A Project.

Donor: a person or organization that wishes to donate a sum of money or to give their time to a project promoter in order to help them complete their project. To learn more, please read our section on Donate to A Project.

Mauritius, or the Republic of Mauritius: a state of the Indian Ocean located about 2,000 kilometers south-east of Africa and consisting of Mauritius, Rodrigues, Agalega Islands and the archipelago of Saint Brandon, which are part of the Mascarene archipelago. The Chagos archipelago and Tromelin Island, which are sometimes claimed by the Mauritian sovereignty, are also shown on the below map in white:

map of Rep of Mauritius

How do we work?

We are a non-profit company, consisting of a Committee duly appointed by the members of its Board of Directors in order to review and validate projects that may be posted on the platform, and to conduct some follow-up on projects’ progress with project promoters and donors. The Board of Directors and the Committee are composed of committed professionals and specialists in the field of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSER).


I am a donor, could you tell me where my money will go?

All donations are channeled through the account of Small Step Matters before being credited to the project promoter at the end of its campaign (up to a maximum 90 days), or at the end of the 60 additional days if the project promoter was not able to raise the total amount of his funding pot during the fundraising campaign. However, it is important to note that a flat rate of 5% shall be deducted from your donations by the platform to cover its operational costs. For more information, please read our section on The Values That Guide Us.

Note that if the project promoter you have selected cannot raise the total amount initially targeted or cannot justify its partial or total adequate use, Small Step Matters reserves the right, as a last resort, to pay the donations collected in favour of another project promoted on its platform, whose funding pot is missing its last 25% of its total amount (project ‘Nearly There’). The project promoter or Small Step Matters will of course inform you if this option has to be considered.

Why credit the Small Step Matters account first, before crediting the account of the project promoter?

We want to wait until the end of the campaign, both for practical and ethical reasons. We are committed to making no profit from operations.

Can I be reimbursed?

Every gift is donated to these projects on the platform. So there shall be no refund, from Small Step Matters, nor from the project promoter.

How do I know that my money was used wisely?

Small Step Matters is not responsible for the use of the money raised by the project promoter. Nevertheless, the project promoter and Small Step Matters undertake to keep you informed about the use of your donations. For more information, please read our section on Our Commitments.

We encourage project promoters to communicate with their donors in the greatest transparency and the utmost sincerity. They are the ones who can best inform you on the use of the donations.

What if the campaign is not a success and the funding pot is not reached?

Our platform is socially responsible, that is why we have chosen to credit all donations, after all deductions for the operational costs of Small Step Matters, to the project promoters of our platform.

What if the campaign’s funds exceed the original funding pot?

In the case that the campaign funding pot exceeds, all the funds raised will be donated to the respective project, excluding operating costs, up to a maximum threshold of Rs 500 000. Any excess will then be donated in favor of another project of the platform in search of the last 25% to its funding pot (project « Nearly There »). However, as an exception for projects for force majeure or national interest, the funds will not be capped. For more information, please read the Values that Guide Us.

For more information, please read our section on Our Commitments.