Privacy Policy

The Data Protection Act 2004 along with its applicable regulations protect your personal information. Small Step Matters Ltd (the ‘Company’) does collect and store some personal information as provided to it by you. By using this website, you are deemed to be accepting the terms of this policy (the ‘Privacy Policy’).

What personal information does the Company collect?

The Company only collects personal information that is necessary to carry out its activities of and associated with facilitating and administering donations towards charitable projects.

Personal information held by the Company may include your name, address, any previous addresses, telephone or mobile phone number, date of birth, e-mail address, donation history, and a donor number. If you are a donor, the Company may also have collected your credit card details, however this information is not retained.

How does the Company collect personal information?

The Company collects information directly from you, through your communications with it via its website, telephone calls, emails, mail, and personal contact.

Information collected

When you visit the Company’s websites the web server will make a record of your visit and it may create cookies. These records do not provide personal contact information, however it may include the IP address of the computer you used to access the Company’s site.

If you receive an electronic newsletter from the Company or complete a survey for the Company, it also collects information about whether you have followed any of the included links or visited a page on the website.

Access to information collected

Save and except for disclosure pursuant to this Privacy Policy, your personal information will not be shared with third parties.

However, the Company will comply with requests from law enforcement or other government agencies with the legal right to access your information should there ever be a situation warranting such access.

How does the Company use your personal information?

The Company’s primary objective is to facilitate the charitable funding of the various projects of NGOs and individuals. As part of this, the Company may use your personal information to contact you to thank you for your donations or to keep you up to date with its charitable activities.

Disclosure of personal information

In the course of carrying out its activities, the Company may need to disclose some of your information to third parties. These may include the Company’s banks and online payment gateway, and contracted service providers.

How does the Company protect your personal information?

The Company respects your privacy and shall take the requisite measures to protect your personal information in compliance with applicable laws.

Online, the Company uses industry standard techniques such as firewalls and encryption to ensure any information passed through its website does not fall into the wrong hands. Credit cards payments made online are processed by a secure payment gateway.

Information collected and held by the Company is available only to those staff who require access in order to do their jobs. This means that only the Company’s finance and donor care team have access to information about any donations you make to it or receive from it.

Your personal contact information is kept in the Company’s password-protected donor database, accessible only by the Company’s donor care staff.

Social media and external websites

The Company may include links to external websites and social media. The Company is not responsible for the privacy policies and information protection practices of those sites which the Company does not own and manage.

Opting out

When you make a donation, you will be automatically added to its database and electronic newsletter mailing list. You have the option at any time to opt out or unsubscribe from these lists. Once you have unsubscribed online, even if you are added to the Company’s electronic newsletter list again, you will be on a suppression list that prevents the Company from sending you its electronic newsletter.

If you do not wish to receive letters from the Company, but are a donor, you can ask to be marked as ‘no mail’ in its database.

Accessing your personal information

You are entitled to view the personal information that the Company collects and holds about you.

In order to ensure that the Company is not giving your personal information to someone who is not you, requests to access your own information need to be made in writing to the Company’s designated Privacy Officer. You will not be charged to access your personal information.

In order to keep its database up to date, the Company may from time to time ask you to complete a survey updating your information. However, in this instance you will also be given the opportunity to be removed from the Company’s database if you prefer.