Ref: 8869

Ref : 8869-[SCAR]-Your kind contributions will be significant in helping these strays have a Foster Care Home.

Funds Raised: MUR 86,045
Required Funds: MUR 550,000

Indicative Exchange Rates:
1 USD = 43 MUR
1 EUR = 50 MUR
1 GBP = 59 MUR

* Last updated on 20 Oct 2021

Building a shelter for rescued strays to provide vital medical care and prepare for rehoming after sterilisation.

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Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAR) is a registered NGO made up of a group of committed animal lovers tirelessly working to improve the welfare of strays in Mauritius.

The aim of the team of volunteers who care for over 2,000 animals every year is to never turn away a dog, cat or any animal in need of help. Our vision is that every dog and cat should live in a home where they are treated with love, care and respect. Our goal is to reduce the number of strays humanely.

It has been noted on Tripadvisor platform that potential tourists are changing their minds about visiting Mauritius due to the issue of stray dogs which is being openly discussed online.

We have been caring for rescued strays in our own homes until their owners or loving new homes can be found, no matter how long it takes but we are now facing an unprecedented amount of abandoned animals and therefore need more space to care for them. Against this backdrop, we are making an appeal to national and international animal lovers and funding organisations to help fund the SCAR Foster Care Home as the situation is now becoming very critical.

The plot of land has already been acquired to help us build a foster care home for our rescues. Due to our large social media following, we have various daily rescues and adoptions therefore this home will not be a shelter but an in-transit care home which will help us reach more animals than a conventional shelter as we will always have a turnover of animals. This approach has been proven more efficient (Humane Society International) for tackling the issue of stray dogs /cats internationally.

We are certain that this national project will help Mauritius to regain its prestige on the web. We strongly believe that the reduction of strays to be of interest to the Mauritian public, to tourists visiting our paradise island as well as the Government since this problem is apparently impacting our tourism industry.

Our association aims at bringing long-term solutions and change of mind-set within the Mauritian population in encouraging animals’ owners to move towards sterilisation. Compulsory sterilisation is already a requisite on the Animal Welfare Act 2013 and its implementation is going to be the solution to the issue of strays.

potential beneficiaries

stray companion animals of Mauritius

funded by others


main objective

Building a shelter for rescued strays to provide vital medical care and prepare for rehoming after sterilisation.