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Food Packs for People Living with Disabilities by Global Rainbow Foundation

Funds Raised: MUR 61,922
Required Funds: MUR 137,500

Indicative Exchange Rates:
1 USD = 44 MUR
1 EUR = 48 MUR
1 GBP = 57 MUR

* Last updated on 10 March 2022

The GRF calls for your generosity in order to distribute food packs to 125 Families in need, with at least one member of the family living with a disability.
Since 2020, we have been able to deliver over 1,800 food packs to families throughout Mauritius and Rodrigues.


Recommended Donation MUR1,000

Minimum Donation allowedMUR500


The Global Rainbow Foundation (GRF) is a Charitable Trust, which aims at empowering Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) and focuses on the abilities of persons instead of their disability. Our mission is to provide persons with disabilities with support and opportunities for holistic human development so that they can lead a rewarding life with dignity and respect in the local and global community.

GRF has many regional offices throughout Mauritius, including one office in Rodrigues Island and another in India. GRF also implements projects aimed at poverty alleviation with a view to bring relief and particularly provide assistance to individuals living with a disability.

After the national lockdowns in Mauritius, many families throughout the island are still suffering from financial constraints and loss of jobs, which has had dire consequences on mental health as well. Thanks to various sponsors we have been able to help beneficiaries in need, especially those who have a disability, by distributing food packs and offering free telehealth sessions. Since 2020, we have been able to deliver over 1,800 food packs to families throughout Mauritius and Rodrigues.

The list of beneficiaries keeps growing every day, and we are therefore presenting to you this project which will help us raise enough funds to help families during this pandemic period. Your contribution will help us purchase food-packs to feed families who have been affected by the lockdown. We will continue distributing food-packs until the family members we have helped can get back on their feet to secure jobs and earn a steady income.

The GRF team will travel throughout the island to deliver the food-packs.

Our food packs consist of: Flour, Rice, Lentils, Dholl, Milk Powder, Salt, Mushroom, Peeled tomato, Soap, Glenrick, Soya, Tea leaves, Sugar, Oil, Noodle, Pasta, Cheese, Butter. One food pack, including the packaging and travel expense, amounts to around MUR 1,000.

Help us reach our target goal of Rs 137,500 to help 125 families throughout the island in this difficult period of time.

Any contribution is most welcome.

Version française

En raison des confinements national à Maurice, de nombreuses familles à travers l’île souffrent toujours de contraintes financières et de pertes d’emplois, ce qui a également eu des conséquences désastreuses sur la santé mentale. Grâce à divers sponsors, nous avons pu aider les bénéficiaires dans le besoin, en particulier ceux qui ont un handicap, en distribuant de la nourriture et en offrant des séances de télésanté gratuites. Depuis 2020, nous avons pu livrer plus de 1,800 colis alimentaires à des familles à travers l’île Maurice et Rodrigues.

La liste des bénéficiaires ne cesse de s’allonger chaque jour, et nous vous présentons donc ce projet qui nous aidera à lever suffisamment de fonds pour aider les familles pendant cette période pandémique. Votre contribution nous aidera à acheter des aliments pour les familles qui ont été touchées par le confinement. Nous continuerons à distribuer des colis alimentaires jusqu’à ce que les membres de la famille que nous avons aidés puissent se remettre sur pied pour trouver un emploi et gagner un état plus stable.

Nos colis alimentaires se composent de: Farine, Riz, Lentilles, Dholl, Lait en poudre, Sel, Champignon, Tomate en conserve, Savon, Glenrick, Soja, Feuilles de thé, Sucre, Huile, Nouilles, Pâtes, Fromage, Beurre. Un colis alimentaire, y compris l’emballage et les frais de voyage, s’élève à environ MUR 1,000.

Aidez-nous à atteindre notre objectif de MUR 137, 500 pour aider 125 familles à travers l’île dans cette période difficile.

Toute contribution est la bienvenue.

potential beneficiaries

125 People living with a disability and their families

funded by others


other funders


main objective

Help 125 Families in need, with at least one member of the family living with a disability.