Please help the strays of Mauritius get a Second Chance


The pitiful sight of stray dogs and cats wandering the streets is a heartbreakingly familiar one in Mauritius. The sheer number of strays is an ongoing problem and there are regular reports in the media, mostly negative.  Animal lovers strive to feed and rescue strays, but they are overwhelmed.

There are those who prefer the brutal approach to this problem, with a Catch and Kill policy that does nothing to tackle the numbers of strays and the relentless suffering.

We can change this with your help. Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAR) is a registered non-profit organisation (established November 2015), run by a group of volunteers.  We plan to build our first foster care home for strays. This facility will be a haven for those coming through our Catch, Neuter, Release program – a proven humane approach used in dozens of other countries around the world to reduce stray dog and cat populations.

The program does exactly what it says … catches, neuters and releases strays (or rehomes in the case of pups/kittens), with an ear notch providing visible proof of sterilisation.

 We have the land, we have the permit to build – we just need the funds to do it!

A female cat or dog can produce up to three litters of kittens/puppies per year with an average litter size of six kittens/puppies each time. For every litter born, at least one will end up on the street. Neutering is the most effective and kindest solution. An abundance of strays leads to abuse, starvation and disease but most of all, it represents a life lived without love, affection or compassion.  No creature deserves that.

Please support SCAR’s mission to build a better future for the island’s strays – and give them all a second chance!


Building a shelter for rescued strays to provide vital medical care and prepare for rehoming after sterilisation.


Stray companion animals of Mauritius



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