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Swimming for a Good Cause

Funds Raised: MUR 100,000
Required Funds: MUR 100,000

Raise awareness of, and funds for, initiatives present on Small Step Matters.


Swimmers Mark Elsbury, Gaël Duchenne, Dylan Bodenstein, Peter Nicholson, Justin Preston and Pascal Ducray, group of friends joint by their love for the water sport, have decided to swim the Mauritian waters for a good cause!
It’s on 8 April 2018, 7 a.m., that the six athletes will be undertaking the challenge of swimming the 8.5-11 Kms separating the Coin de Mire from the Grand-Baie Yatch Club.

Swimmers will meet at La Crique around 7 am, armed only with their swimming suits, caps and googles. After about 3 hours swimming against strong currents, without the possibility to touch nor hold a boat, and with no flippers or other swimming equipment, the group should reach the finish line at the Grand-Baie Yatch Club around 10:30 am.
Two boats will be accompanying them during the crossing: one giving them directions, and another carrying food supplies.


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Raise awareness of, and funds for, initiatives present on Small Step Matters.