Success Story-Creation of Diabetic Clubs in Rodrigues


This project aims to reduce the numbers of Diabetics in Rodrigues Island and prevent loss of limbs. The activities will be open to the entire population, Diabetics and Non-Diabetics as a prevention program.
The start up phase consists of training 20 Sport instructors and creating 10 Diabetic Sport Clubs around the island including the purchase of specific sports equipment.
The objective is to deliver daily sport activities in the 10 Diabetic Clubs all over the island. A special reward program will be implemented to keep the motivation high amongst the participants.
Regular evaluation of the project will be performed to ensure the success and sustainability of the project.
This project will collaborate with Diabetic Pro, an actual NGO in Rodrigues Island and will have the support of the “Commissaire” of Rodrigues Island, the Mauritius Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee.
Targeted dates:
Training and start up phase: May 2017 to August 2017.
Start of the activities: September 2017


Reduce number of Diabetics on Rodrigues Island
Promote sport
Train 20 sport and life coach
Create 10 Diabetic Sport Club around the Island


Population entiere de l'ile Rodrigues et Diabetiques



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